The Mental Stillness App

17 October 2017

With the end of the year exam period approaching, young people are experiencing extraordinarily high levels of stress, which can impact mental health and exam performance.

To help our young people deal with this issue Generation Next and Sydney University's Department of Psychiatry have developed this free, evidence based, easy to use app.

Designed specifically for young people, it quickly and effortlessly up-skills young people with a simple, evidence based mindfulness/meditation method that reduces stress and improves mental wellbeing.

The specific techniques and video sequences used in the app have been the subject of several clinical trials and field studies conducted in Australian state schools and hospitals under the auspices of the University of Sydney and the University of NSW, all of which have demonstrated specific effectiveness. For a more detailed look at some of the key evidence, see here and here.

Although the Mental Stillness App was designed with school-aged young people in mind, it is also suitable for use by adults.

Source: Generation Next

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