Jacqueline Warrick is a casual Youth Engagement Officer with the City of Melville. Her work as the facilitator of Camera Story recently made news on the ABC.

Read the article here : Powerful images let women in remote Kimberley tell their own stories

Jacqueline came on board in term 3 of 2017 after delivering workshops as an external facilitator at the Willagee Library. She has been involved in youth programs at the Willagee Library and Willagee Community Centre both as a staff member with the City and as a facilitator of her Camera Story workshops. Her work has included significant positive engagement with at risk and indigenous young people in Willagee, including creating an exhibition of their photography works that is currently on display at Willagee Library.

Camera Story has been involved in communities across both local and regional Western Australia and also internationally in India. Each project is unique to the context of the communities they work within, but Camera Story always has a strong focus on community minded approaches and the resulting works always reflect strong community values. In both her work with the City of Melville and with Camera Story, Jacqueline brings great compassion to working within the whole community context and reinforcing those community strengths that are come through in photographs produced by community members.

Youth Programs in Willagee

Youth programs run at Willagee Library during the school term on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Camera Story is at Willagee Library on Monday afternoons from 4:00pm to 5:30pm.

Jacqueline also assists the library’s after school programs on Thursday and Friday afternoons.

These programs are open to all young people who want to get involved, free of charge.

For more information, please contact the Willagee Library at 9364 0170.

Check out Camera Story at

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21 September 2017

Are you aged between 11 and 25?

Do you want to attend activities, training or events that support your personal development and growth?

Assistance is given for activities that encourage and support personal development and growth. These include:

  • Leadership training
  • Career guidance and development
  • Extra curricular educational opportunities
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Other similar activities

The following are not supported:

  • Activities which seek to make a financial profit for the individual
  • Purchase of equipment
  • Insurance costs
  • Donations to other entities
  • Outstanding debts
  • Everyday living costs
  • Voluntary work or fundraising activities
  • Sports related activities. See Youth Sports Grants

You could apply for a grant up to $500.

For more information and to apply, please visit

Have you been a previous recipient of the Youth Development Fund? How has it helped you?

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25 August 2017

Leeuwin invites you to join the challenge!

Expand your horizons on the Leeuwin Career Challenge, specifically designed for youth 18+ to take young career professionals and university students to the next level. Stand out from the crowd!

During the regional voyage you’ll meet people outside of your normal social circles. You will learn to develop skills in communication, teamwork and leadership through a facilitated development program. This voyage will ensure you have that little edge in your resume.

Participants will be involved in all aspects of sailing the STS Leeuwin II. In your nominated watch groups you’ll be required to join activities like steering the helm, climbing aloft, joining night watches and setting the sails. Why not lift yourself to the next level?

The Voyage departs from Fremantle on 8 December and arrives in Bunbury on 14 December.

Visit for more information or call (08) 9430 4105 and speak with Philippa.

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19 July 2017

Youth Sports Scholarships are open for Melville's sporting youth. Reach new sporting heights and apply today.

If you are aged 12 to 19 and your birthday is before 1 August you could be eligible to apply for the Youth Sports Scholarship (YSS) 2017. Successful applicants receive 12 months free membership to the LeisureFit centres.

Have you been a previous recipient of the Youth Sporting Scholarship? How has it helped you?

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Here're what previous recipients of the Youth Sports Scholarships have said:

10 July 2017

PHAZE Mural in Myaree

Sunday 30 April saw the final PHAZE for this season! Artist Dan Dugan worked with 24 PHAZE participants to develop the design concept, plan and paint the wall next to Robert Crawford park and JB Hifi in Myaree.

There was a great response to the PHAZE project again this year with almost every session reaching capacity or having a wait list. This year also saw the number of female and younger participants increase. There was also a lot more family involvement with parents staying to help their children, which created a really nice community feel to the day. Dan even received a big hug from one young man because he was so pleased with his final “piece”.

While it seems like just a fun way to spend a day, regular legal painting opportunities in Perth are very rare. For some of these young people the project is an important way for them to connect as it gives them a real sense of pride and achievement.

PHAZE will be taking a break until September 2017 but not before a collaboration between Dan and volunteers from the Melville Volunteer Resource Centre at the Point Walter toilet block as part of National Volunteer Week, running from 12 to 18 May 2017. Watch this space for updates!

In the meantime, here are some images of the artwork created in Myaree on Sunday.

Have you visited the mural? What did you think? Please share your snaps here.

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3 May 2017

Couch Surfing for Youth Homelessness

Couch Surfing for Youth Homelessness

The ultimate race for Youth Homelessness Matters Day and National Youth Week 2017 is here! Watch teams navigate their couches around the racecourse and enjoy a free car park party after the race at the headspace Rockingham Carpark.

headspace is a National Youth Mental Health Foundation dedicated to improving the wellbeing of young Australians. There are 9 headspace centres located around the state providing early intervention mental health services to 12 to 25 year olds.

Couch Surfing races help to highlight the plight of homeless youth across the country with many young people experiencing homelessness by couch surfing and living in overcrowded accommodation.

For more information on headspace, visit

Have you taken part in a Couch Surfing Race? What did you enjoy about it and do you have any winning tips and tricks to share?

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6 April 2017

Sometimes, ads warning of the risks of reckless driving don't have to resort to shock tactics to get their message across. This humorous set of ads from Western Australia's Road Safety Commisson targets younger drivers by warning them of the consequences of losing their license -- they might have to endure three months of being driven around by a parent.

The "Time With Mum" campaign, by 303 MullenLowe Perth, follows Nate, a young guy who has lost his license, as he endures various indignities in the passenger seat. These include listening to Mom singing along to the radio (as seen here), a super-awkward moment with his girlfriend, listening to Mom and Grandma's conversations, and having to wait as Mom signals at an interesction for what seems like forever.

The ads, which were directed by Tony Rogers (director of TV series "Wilfred"), will play out over 12 weeks to give young viewers the experience of a real-life license suspension period and will be supported by social posts from "Nate," as well as TV, cinema, radio and outdoor.

Have a look at two examples below and tell us what you think of this campaign in the comments.

Do you think this campaign is effective at getting young people to drive more safely?

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12 August 2016

Startling new research has revealed the shocking role that “stigma” plays in preventing young Australians seeking help for mental health issues.

Headspace says each year, a quarter of all young people in this country will experience mental health issues, however many of them will not seek the help that they need.

Now, new data showed that 52 per cent of young people were embarrassed to discuss a mental health problem with anyone and nearly half were afraid of what others would think.

Learn more:

How can we break down barriers and make it easier for young people to discuss their mental health concerns?

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1 August 2016

Meet the most scientifically studied people in the world. A group of 1,037 New Zealanders born in one city have been followed since their births in 1972. Members are now dispersed around the globe but 96% of the original group are still taking part - an extraordinary achievement in such a long running study.

This SBS documentary examines myths and facts surrounding long-term effects of childhood. It shows some of what happens in early life has no lasting influence, but also points at how important the early years can be in a number of areas that really do count. The series then moves on to the troubled teens. Why do some go bad and other come right?

One of the oldest arguments in the history of psychology is the Nature vs Nurture debate. Where do you stand on this issue?

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18 July 2016

A recent Four Corners piece "Future Proof" raised a number of questions about the impact of technology on our future workforce.

"Some experts predict more than 40 per cent of jobs in Australian may disappear over the next 10 to 15 years - that's 5 million jobs , most of them replaced by automation and a new generation of computers learning to think for themselves."

One area that will be impacted soon -- truck driving, as driver-less vehicles become a reality. Bank tellers, supermarket check-out staff and airline check-in staff have already been pushed aside by technology.

Do you think your children are being equipped with the tools and skills they'll need to join a rapidly-changing, technologically-dominated workforce?

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18 July 2016