What would you like to see on your retail strip?

How can we enhance the vibrancy and activation of the Willagee retail strip on along Archibald Street? How can we encourage people to linger a longer and increase positive use of the space?

The Archibald Street retail strip, before and after the bollards were painted by the community.

Shop path leading to the raised driveway, before and after upgrades

The corner of the retail strip, before and after Jayleas alfresco seating was installed

Summary of the Placemaking Event

We invited residents and retailers to join us on Thursday 23 November to brainstorm place making elements for around the Willagee hub retail strip. Many thanks to those who shared their creative suggestions.

Ideas and comments included:

  • more greenery and shade,
  • gets too hot,
  • needs some colour,
  • can look a little unclean with rubbish left around, could use more seating,
  • needs an appealing entrance.

For the full list of ideas contributed,click here.

The group agreed that the main priorities for this project were tree planting and injecting some colour into the space. There was a particular interest in having a focus on the entry and exit points to the retail strip.

Over the next month we will post concept drawings and invite you to comment. Watch this space!

Willagee Placemaking Event

Join us to brainstorm exciting new placemaking elements that look good, foster activity and build community, for around out retail strip.

Community brainstorm session

Thursday 23 November 2017 04:00 PM – 06:00 PM

George Humes Park

Meet us at George Humes Park for a brainstorm session and a free BBQ.

RSVP: Brian Marshall

Email: brian.marshall@melville.wa.gov.au

Phone: 9364 0663

RSVPs are essential for catering purposes.

Meet us here

George Humes Park, corner of Archibald St and Winnacott St, Willagee