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On Monday 10 October, members of the City of Melville public and some of our staff came together for a Community Workshop which saw the group think about, discuss and provide concrete ideas around what it takes to create an active online community.

The event was well attended with 28 community members present, and we want to thank everyone for your participation during the evening! The feedback generated on the night can be found on this page and we hope you continue the discussion on Melville Talks.

In attendance were Melville Talks users, including our Topic Heroes - community champions who said they want to share their knowledge and ideas through Topic Talks.

With over 100,000 people in the City, we think community intelligence is so important and this session showed this. The evening was an opportunity to hear from our residents on how we all can work together to build an active online community in Melville, and we had so many good ideas generated.

We want to keep working with you to create an online community that's safe and welcoming, productive and engaging and is driven by community interactions and engagement.

Activity 1

We asked the community:

What Things Can You Think Of That Make For A Welcoming, Productive And Engaging Online Community?

Responses Upvotes (+) Downvotes (-)
Simple to navigate 10 0
Easy to use 6 0
An exciting place to share and exchange ideas 6 0
Respect for others 6 0
Users are respectful 6 0
Simple, user friendly, live feedback, fewer topics, updates on projects, process for keeping community comments on track within the scope of the topic, easier to navigate 6 0
No advertising 5 0
Exchange of useful information 5 0
Participants are supportive and respectful 4 0
Trust 4 0
Good moderation 4 0
Stay on topic 4 0
Rules around what can be posted 4 0
Link-back notification to contributors 4 0
Moderation that is balanced 4 0
Informative 4 0
Useful links 4 0
Easily accessible 3 0
Moderated 3 0
Only topics that are relevant to improving the lifestyle of the community 3 0
Accomodating everyone's needs 3 0
People can be accepting. Keep to items of general interest- not soap boxes or commercial products 3 0
Information giving. 3 0
Clear guidelines on use of the tool. 3 0
Transparent identity 3 0
Active, relevant threads 3 0
Be open with statistic 2 0
Only constructive criticism 2 1
Open communication 2 0
Continuous Alerts so we can stay connected to the conversations 2 0
Mindfulness of people's cultural sensitivities 2 0
Clear rules about posting comments 2 0
Being respectful and considerate 1 0
Listening to what other people have to say 1 0
Traffic rush on the roads, how to keep it going.. signal free Melville 1 0
Trust, respect for others, awareness of others sensitivities, effective moderation, an attitude of sharing 1 0
Promt response from city 1 0
Reasonable respectful comments. 1 0
Interested parties only. 1 0
Trust 1 1
Need to have trust 1 0
A willingness to share with others 1 0
productive 0 0
Discussion on health related issues n solutions 0 1
Similar in age 0 2
Voice opinion 0 0
no flaming or trolling (so must be moderated) 0 0
How to explore work opportunities for self employed or unemployed people 0 0
safe 0 0

Activity 2

We asked the community:

What's your manifesto for Topic Talks?

Response Upvotes (+) Downvotes (-)
An easy to navigate forum where relevant current local information is shared in a respectful and safe manner. 10 2
Share your ideas and grow the enthusiasm 5 0
Melville listens and acts 4 0
Locally relevant topics of key interest to a wide and diverse community that respects the values and ideals of our vision for the future. 2 0
Process for Melville City to engage with and survey ratepayers on specific projects 2 0
Participate with community 2 0
For us all to participate in rhe today and tomorrow of our community. 2 0
A productive interface to share and contribute to knowledge and ideas across communities. 2 0
Social connection 1 0
A platform to share rich experiences of people for well being, happiness, safety and sustainable systems with the sense of ownership n involvement of the community. 1 0
A safe online community for people to discuss, network and be connected to one another. 1 0
Keep it local and relevant 1 0
Speak, share, listen and grow the vision 1 0
Forum for feedback to be used by Council for specific proposed projects 1 0
Topic Talks should produce relevant initiatives that have a positive and practical outcome that benefits the whole community. 1 0
You speak - we listen 1 0
Cuminity together 1 0
The place to share and source information that benefits the community 0 0
Forum for communication between Council and constituents 0 0
A forum for the CoM to properly engage with its constituents to produce cost-effective outcomes that are beneficial to the Melville community. 0 0
Talk listen and reflect on topics that are relevant to City of Melville redidents 0 0
The conversation you have to grow the vision 0 0
Providing information on local issues. 0 0

Activity 3

We asked the community: "What are three things you can do on Topic Talks to help achieve the chosen manifesto"? Your responses, in full, are below:

  • Moderate Melville Talks for safety and appropriateness.
  • Contribute questions and encourage contributions from others.
  • Spread the word.
  • Present alternate and associated ideas from other Forums around Australia primarily.
  • Presentation style format may inform showing examples.
  • Moderate behaviour and conversation to provide respectful dialogue – influence others?
  • Review the different topics on website.
  • Share Over-55s websites I’ve found.
  • Tell my neighbours about Melville Talks and give them the link to the site.
  • Be active on Topic Talks.
  • Discuss with colleagues, highlight Topic Heroes and be active, not passive.
  • Create links on Topic Talks, supply information on Topic Talks, monitor the content and action some of the topics.
  • Use my other online places and presences to attract and welcome new people to Melville Talks.
  • Be positive in my interactions and encourage others.
  • Provide fresh, relevant information for other members.
  • Encourage people you know who live in the Melville community to join Topic Talks.
  • Keep the forum interesting so people are keen to be a part of it.
  • Support and spread the manifesto.
  • Tell the people about Melville Talks.
  • Use Melville Talks to add input.
  • Share the ideas with my community
  • Post relevant and current information to spread
  • Create a safe environment and respect others
  • Join in the conversations and topics
  • Be helpful and polite and share information if I can
  • All contributors to forum to act as ‘moderators’
  • Have council respond.
  • Share links to relevant websites or interesting information that is relevant
  • Promote it in your relevant Facebook groups or other online communities
  • Share info in the local papers
  • Use the site, spread the word, continuously visit and update the page.
  • Know who the audience is to accommodate them in a responsive way.
  • Moderate all content before publishing.
  • Show accountability and that something is actually done in response to contributions.
  • Share is a key word in the manifesto.
  • Interact and share – share being the key word, and participate.
  • Participate, be informed and respond objectively.
  • Provide respectful feedback on submissions by others.
  • Provide links to expert advice or information.
  • Continue to review as project advances
  • Provide an example model that reflects the manifesto.
  • Actively engage in developing mechanism of manifesto.
  • Engage in developing the final wording of manifesto.
  • Change the manifesto.
  • Available for physical involvement and implementation.
  • Help the community for safer and greener environment.
  • Can try to mitigate stress and strengthen the community relationships.

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