Are you ready for driverless vehicles?

8 February 2019

Driverless Cars

Are you ready for the future opportunities that driverless vehicles will offer? Pilots using autonomous robot technology are currently being trialled all around the world including Australia.

In the US a partnership between Walmart and Ford is delivering shopping via a driverless vehicle. Walmart, along with many other companies are keen to capture a slice of the estimated $11.92 billion global autonomous robot market.

Closer to home Australia's first on-demand driverless car was revealed in Perth in September 2018. RAC WA started trials of it's 'Intellicar' at a private Airport Facilitiy and is expected to take the car on public roads in the first half of this year before eventually being available for passengers to summon using an app.

While it will be many years before a transition to a driverless future, it could see:

  • Less privately owned cars resulting in changes to house designs
  • Changes in vehicle design, use of petrol and batteries
  • Improved mobility for seniors and people with disability
  • More options for parents to move around with kids on their own

What do you think about a driverless future and the changes it may bring?

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