About the workshop

The purpose of the Community Workshop with Architect and Art Consultant was to involve residents in thinking about and identifying their preferences for the 'fit out' of the public open space in the park and to identify any issues, concerns or ideas to be considered during construction.

It was an opportunity to:

  • be informed about project personnel, details, tasks and timelines
  • see how your input on the social map informed us
  • identify preferred options using PollEverywhere
  • ask those burning questions about the project
  • As before, we contacted people who live or own property within 400m of the Reserve by letter and email.
  • Donovan Payne Architects, the landscape architects and the artists Dr Audrey Fernandes-Satar and Mr Arif Satar involved in the detailed design and layout of the reserve.
  • City of Melville Staff involved in the project including Project Management staff, Leisure Planning, Health Melville and Community Engagement.

Feedback from the Community Consultation process told us how you use Shirley Strickland Reserve with 221 comments from 134 people recieved.

Your responses, including your favourite places, where your exercise and where you socialise, helped inform the Architects and Artists about what is important to you all including a community place:

  • to exercise daily, primarily through walking the family dog;
  • for socialising with other dog walkers;
  • where parents, grandparents and their kids and grandkids get together close to the playground area, often after school;
  • where people can contemplate nature as they walk amongst the trees.

There were two major opportunities for community participate at the workshop.

  • Attendees were given the opportunity to get involved using PollEverywhere (a live online polling tool) to share information about themselves, ask their burning questions and answer a series of questions to get their feedback on the project.
  • Attendees also had the opportunity to listen to and ask questions of all presenters including the Architects, Artist and City of Melville Staff.

It has been compiled in a report about what residents preferences are for the 'fit out' of the public open spaces in the park and identified issues, concerns and ideas to be considered by the project team, architects and artists during the project development and construction.

Architects Presentation

A master plan was presented by Architects Carl Payne and Mo Abdullah-Lavalette from Donovan Payne Architects who the City of Melville has retained to design and deliver new facilities for Shirley Strickland Reserve.

A landscape concept plan was also presented by their Landscape Architects.

Artists Presentation

Artists Dr Audrey Fernandes-Satar and Mr Arif Satar presented their conceptual approach to the creation of artworks for the Shirley Strickland Reserve.