Tell us how you use the reserve

Local open spaces are important to us all. They may be the reason we decided to move into the area in the first place.

When a local authority decides to do something to an open, public spaced, they first need to understand its value to local people who may:

  • Exercise there
  • Participate or just watch team sports
  • Commute through there - walking, cycling or taking the bus
  • Meet others
  • Take the kids to let off steam
  • Walk the dog
  • Smell the roses

Knowing we can do these things contributes to how we feel about our day to day lives and its possibilities. What if they were to be taken away for, say 6 weeks, 6 months, 12-18 months or permanently?


What you told us before analysis

You told us how Shirley Strickland contributes to the quality of your life using the social map below.
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How the consultation worked

The consultation followed on from an earlier stage of engagement to develop a concept sketch for an upgrade to Shirley Strickland Reserve. You can see the details of what happened at the Shirley Strickland Reserve Concept Plan community engagement page.

More than 530 people living within 400m of the site participated and approval was received from Council on 16 December 2016 to allocate funds and proceed with the project.

As we moved into the detailed design and construction phase of the project, it was important to understand more about how local residents use the space so that their needs are considered alongside those of sporting clubs and groups.

As before, we are contacted people who live or own property within 400m of the Reserve by letter and email and displayed signage on the site.

Members of sporting clubs and groups who use the site were already working with our sports development team to ensure that their specific needs with respect to the buildings were being addressed.

There are two major opportunities for community participation.

  • On MelvilleTalks, people were able to put pins on a map of the reserve to tell us how and where they use the space.
  • By attending a public workshop with the project architect and art consultant later this year.

It has been used to provide a visual representation about how the site is currently used by local people as a point of reference for the project team.

It also helped the project team to mitigate potential disruptions to everyday life in the short term and consider what should be retained, replaced or enhanced on the site in the long term.