Please note we have reached capacity of our venue so are no longer accepting registrations to attend this discussion. The community are welcome to still be part of the process by contributing feedback

19 February 2018

Due to the demand, the venue has changed to the City of Melville Civic Centre, Conference Room - 10 Almondbury Road, Booragoon. Places are limited, please register to attend.

12 February 2018

We have listened to the concerns of Palmyra and Willagee residents and have expanded the focus of the Bicton Facilitated Discussion to include Willagee and Palmyra.

8 February 2018

Following resident concerns about safety in Bicton, we have been working closely with the Safer Melville Advisory Committee to try and address them.

We would like to invite Bicton residents to attend a facilitated discussion with representatives from the Palmyra Police, the Housing Authority, Lisa O’Malley MLA, your Ward Councillors and City of Melville staff. This will be an opportunity for you to learn about some of the actions in place to address your safety issues and have your questions answered.

To help us prepare for the discussion and ensure that we are able to respond to your concerns on the evening, we would like to hear from you. Tell us what your concerns, experiences and perceptions of safety in Bicton are.

From Thursday, 1 February to 5.00pm Friday, 23 February 2018 you can:

  • Place a pin on a map on the area where you've felt unsafe, and tell us why you felt unsafe
  • Ask the discussion panel a question to be answered on the evening. If there's a question below that resonates with your concern, "like" the question so we can have an idea of what .....
  • Share your thoughts, concerns, perceptions or experiences of safety in Bicton.

Where did you feel unsafe?

Zoom in using the + tool and locate on the map where you've felt unsafe. Click "Add Marker", place the marker on the map on where you felt unsafe, and tell us why.

Ask the discussion panel a question

From now until 5.00pm Friday, 23 February 2018 you can ask a question to be answered by the discussion panel on the evening.

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22 February, 2018

Weld Rd owner says:

“Our communities won’t be safe while the DOH don’t drug test tenants regularly to keep their social welfare housing and payments.”

19 February, 2018

peterbest says:

“Our city be really safe only if we all take responsibility. Police and CSS cannot guarantee safety. Can more of us join Neighbourhood Watch?”

18 February, 2018

kc says:

“Why are old DOH properties in willagee being replaced with high density housing to include even more DOH properties? This creates ghettos.”

16 February, 2018

DH says:

“What are the rules on how many bottle shops can be within an area & what power does the City of Melville have to mandate future bottle shops”

15 February, 2018

safetyconcerns says:

“Offer residents discount on rates to upgrade security around home- deal with a retailer to provide discounted cctv/sensor lights around home”

14 February, 2018

Fiona says:

“How many CSS patrol cars are on the streets at night and what areas are they focused on? ”

14 February, 2018

MRG says:

“insurance premiums for postcodes with increase in theft, break ins etc will increase for all insured residents. How can we avoid this?”

13 February, 2018

J says:

“Can DOH property be more widely dispersed to avoid large densities of unsavoury tenants?”

13 February, 2018

Anna says:

“Get rid of homes West trouble houses”

13 February, 2018

Weld Road Owner says:

“Is most of the antisocial and criminal activity performed by addicts? Why aren’t recipients of welfare drug tested to qualify for benefits?”

13 February, 2018

M Alexander says:

“Have patrols, or increased patrols been instigated throughout Melville since the apparent recent increase in crime and attempted crime?”

12 February, 2018

Sanguinede says:

“Can you organise a class action against people who are noisy for a long time (being part of the housing department).”

Share your thoughts, concerns, perceptions or experiences of safety in Bicton.

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