Palmyra Primary School Nature Play Tree Deck

Our dynamic school is situated right in the heart of Palmyra. With over 500 students and home to the extremely popular Palmyra Farmer’s Markets, the school is not only a place of learning but also the hub of the community.

A group of teachers, the school gardener and community members are working together to create an inspiring nature play area to replace our tired and extremely well used early childhood playground. This area is used each school day by well over 100 children and is also a very popular meeting place for our community after school and on the weekends.

Staff and community members have pooled their wonderful ideas and a talented school parent has drawn up an amazing concept plan. This plan was presented to the community at a nature play afternoon, where parents and children were invited to comment and add further input.

It was decided that the focal point of this area will be a deck area and upper platform which will wraps around a beautiful Peppermint tree. The deck will provide a space to play, learn and congregate, the platform, just under the tree’s canopy will be a play area with possibilities only limited by the children’s imagination.