Changing the world one paw at a time

24 November 2017

If you voted for Loki the Therapy Dog, you'd be happy to know that, together with Tara Lord, he's been busy changing the world, one paw at a time.

Here's a recent article in the Melville Times, written by Bryce Luff who caught up with Tara and Loki.

APPLECROSS resident Tara Lord says she and her kelpie-cross Loki have plans to “change the world one paw print at a time”.

The 19-year-old adopted Loki from a dog shelter in February.

“When we found Loki she was perfect. I think it was meant to be, like it was planned for us,” she said.

Miss Lord is a qualified disability support and mental health worker, studying youth work and has plans to complete a double major in counselling and social work in 2019.

She and her two-year-old companion recently flew to Melbourne to complete training at Lead the Way, an organisation dedicated to providing animal-assisted therapy.

The trip provided both with new skills, with Loki now certified for animal-assisted therapy.

Through Healthcare Australia, Ms Lord and Loki will soon be regulars at homeless shelters, women’s refuges, family group homes, aged care facilities and mental health facilities, providing comfort and assistance where they can.

“The work we do is very person-centred, it’s whatever the client wants and it’s individualised which I think is what makes it so special,” she said.

“If the client just wants to cuddle with the dog they can.”

Source: Melville Times

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