Lecture about the Microbats of Western Australia

16 July 2018


Microbats of Western Australia

The secret lives of microbats of Western Australia are being revealed through a new research project at Murdoch University. Diana Prada has entered the second year of a three-year investigation into the region’s microbats, to better understand these creatures and the diseases they host. Little is known about these animals in the region despite bats making up almost one quarter of all known mammal species. Researchers are capturing these tiny bats in a bid to revolutionise their understanding of the elusive creatures.

These insectivorous microbats play a major role in controlling pests for the agricultural industry as well as contributing to biodiversity, so their survival and their health are important.

They are so small sometimes it's really hard to handle them and to get all the different biological samples because your fingers are bigger than the little bat.

Many of you will have seen the bat nesting boxes around Melville made by the Bicton Men’s Shed.

Come join us on Friday, 20 July 2018 to find out about these elusive creatures that fly about our community each night. Here is an opportunity to talk to Diana about how we might help a creature that eats 40% to 50% of their own bodyweight in insect pests (including mosquitoes) which is up to 1,000 mozzies a night!

You can also enjoy a delicious afternoon tea after the lecture all for a $4 entry fee. This is a public lecture and everyone is welcome.

Speaker: Diana Prada PhD researcher at Murdoch University.

When: Friday, 20 July at 2pm

Where: LeisureFit Melville, 431 Canning Hwy, Melville

Cost: $4.00

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