About Project Robin Hood

Project Robin Hood is a way of building relationships by working together to create interesting, connected places in our streets, neighbourhoods and communities.

Is there a sad patch of land nearby that could provide habitat for local wildlife or an old shopfront that’s been empty for months that could become a pop-up meeting place or art space? The possibilities are endless.

Project Robin Hood offers a total of $100,000 in smaller grants of $20,000 for the community to develop and deliver projects and ideas that they want to see but without the barriers and red tape. If it’s safe, legal and helps create better places it can happen.

All you need to do is talk with your community so friends, neighbours, local businesses to grow support for your idea. Then you submit your project idea here on Melville Talks and it goes up with all the others for the people to cast their votes. If the people like your idea the project is funded and you’re on your way…it’s that easy.

Register your interest in future Project Robin Hood rounds

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Find out more about Project Robin Hood IV and see past projects

As part of the very first round of Project Robin Hood back in 2013, the Antill St collective proposed to transform an old stormwater sump into a native garden space. They received $10,000 for the project and recently partnered with The Forever Project, an organisation which works with community to create sustainable and green places and spaces. After many years of planning and hard work to keep the project going they finally launched on Friday, 14 June 2019 with a community information session around creating sustainable gardens.