Supporting Play Streets

18 October 2017

Play Street photos from the United States of American, sourced from Google images

Remember playing street cricket all summer long? Being the best in the street at hula hoop or hopscotch? Playing on streets creates memories and friendships and the chance to be active.

In Victoria Park, the local town team, Vic Park Collective, supported by the Town of Vincent, recently championed a car-free experiment that lets neighbours play, draw and just hang out on the street. David Linder, the organiser of the Vic Park Collective, said "the idea is to inspire people to think about different modes of transport, walking, biking, scootering, whatever you want.

"To get people talking about different ways to use public space and to ask — do we actually need all the roads for all the cars?

"Can we look at a future where there might be fewer cars and fewer roads and more public space?"

Read the article here.

Play Streets

Play Streets create play spaces by temporarily closing local streets to through traffic so that children and adults can play and socialise outside on their local street.[1] Play Streets allow a group of local residents to temporarily close a local street to through traffic to have a community barbeque and encourage children to get outside, meet their friends and play on the street. The concept offers a relatively cheap and quick way to improve public spaces across the City of Melville. They can encourage exercise and active play for children and help neighbours get to know each other. Play Streets can also temporarily increase the amount of local public space in the area.

A potential approach to facilitate Play Streets could be:

  • The City could prepare a set of guidelines for Play Streets and clearly indicate the circumstances where play streets would be or would not be appropriate. The City could make available resources such as the Friendly Neighbourhoods community trailer, templates for invitations to “Play Street Parties” and basic traffic management plans, signage etc
  • A group of residents along a street can “opt in” to have a Play Street Party and make an application to the City to be considered and if appropriate, approved by the City. Residents would arrange and set up the Play Street in accordance with the City’s Guidelines and any relevant approvals.


Interested in championing your local Play Street event? Have a look at Play Streets Australia or get in touch with us.

* Supporting Play Streets is part of the City's Public Spaces Strategy.

What games or activities do you think would be great at a Play Street?

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