One Shared House - IKEA's Future Living Research Lab

28 November 2017

Ikea's future-living research lab, Space 10.

Image from The Urban Developer

Meet Ikea's future-living research lab, Space 10 - a research project into the future of co-living. The project, One Shared House 2030 asks people to imagine a co-living community in the year 2030.

With rapid ubsanisation and population growth, "the idea of shared living spaces could provide the solution to many current housing issues". The project "aims to provide information on whether co-living could offer potential solutions to current housing issues such as rapid urbanisation, loneliness and the growing global housing affordability crisis".

Space10’s Guillaume Charny-Brunet says "... in the context of booming urbanisation, rocketing housing prices, shrinking living spaces and increasing social disconnects, ‘sharing’ will be ‘caring’ more than ever.”

"Co-living isn’t new, but as both space and time are increasingly becoming a luxury, the concept needs a revamp. [Space10] is going on a journey to explore the potential of co-living to better the lives of city dwellers across the planet.”

To read the full article, head to The Urban Developer.

To learn more about One Shared House 2030 and participate in the co-living survey, click here.

Can co-living work in Melville? Who are the types of people you would wish to live with in a co-living community?

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