New Community Plan Released!

City of Melville's new Strategic Community Plan (People, Places, Participation: A Strategic Community Plan for the City of Melville 2016-2026) is now available to download.

Download the latest Strategic Community Plan: People, Places, Participation: A Strategic Community Plan for the City of Melville 2016-2026.

The new plan reflects the community's aspirations for the future of our City.

To ensure our community was involved in this review from the start, we established a Community Reference group which was composed of 10 diverse members of the City of Melville community with different interests and needs.

The Community Reference Group met weekly and helped shape the "Tell the City Where to Go" Survey which 1,394 people completed.

Finally, we organised a Community Workshop in May, 2016 when participants had a final opportunity to think about quality of life and quality of place they wanted to see for the City.

The final document outlines six community aspirations:

• Safe and secure
• Healthy lifestyle
• Sense of community
• Clean and green
• Growth and prosperity
• Sustainable and connected transport.

For more information about the aspirations read through the plan, or visit the Melville Talks Aspirations page.

Community Workshop

9 May Community Workshop

On Monday 9 May, members of the community and City of Melville staff came together for a Community Workshop as part of the City’s Review of the Strategic Community Plan.

The event was well attended and we want to thank everyone for your participation on the evening!

The feedback generated on the night, as well as the analysed data from our previous community consultations, will directly inform the new Strategic Community Plan.

In attendance on the evening were randomly invited members of ‘The 600’ – City of Melville residents who said they were interested in working with the City on the next step of the Review of the Strategic Community Plan.

Also in attendance were Community Reference Group members who were able to reflect on their journey since the beginning of the consultation process.

As part of the Community Workshop, attendees learned about the results of the ‘Tell the City Where to Go’ survey, with a presentation from Market Research company Metrix Consulting who provided independent data analysis.

The community then worked in groups, answering questions around quality of life and quality of place. During these exercises, community members got an opportunity to speak with expert City of Melville staff and engage in dialogue about issues that were important to them.


Following supper, the participants told the City what they wanted to see happen over the next 10 years, by taking part in a Live Poll.

You've told us the following were important to you:
• Development proposals to include tree cover for offset.
• Utilise volunteers to plant trees.
Light rail networks.
• Greater utilisation of the river with public access ferries.
• Lobby Transperth for ferry network.
• Safe extended cycle path network.
• Learn from international best practice for local transport.
• Maintaining public access to river and natural bushland.
• Continue to engage the community.
• Density with high quality design that maintains privacy.
• Create more local jobs especially for young people.
LED street lights.
• Turning Canning Bridge and Risley Street into something like Subiaco.
• Improve after hour use of school facilities.
• Really good planning and communications.
• Controlled traffic management.
• Small community hubs like Queens Rd.
• Improve cycle paths and link them.
• Improve use of school spaces after hours.
• Progress the urban forest plan to increase and MAINTAIN the trees.
• Maintenance plan for prompt response/repair for park benches, water fountains, public toilets etc.
• Lobby state government to improve public transport and provide drop off area at Canning Bridge.
• Invest and protect all open spaces.
Smart transport options including ferries.
• Maintain investment in community and recreation facilities.
Manage the impact on high density living on the existing local community.
• Prepare and educate community about emergencies.
3 bin system for waste.
• Greater accessibility of strategic plans.
• Co-design of community areas.

You can find a photo gallery from the evening below, with a video from the session to follow shortly.

A number of ideas were raised on the evening, as captured by the Live Poll feedback. Join the community discussion about these issues.

From smart transport options and management of cycle paths to more trees and better public access to water ways, the Community Forum raised interesting ideas for the future of City. Now, we want you to continue the conversation on Melville Talks.

What does the term "facility" mean to you?

Engagement closes Friday 27 May

In analysing the comments received from the community, we've noticed a number of you using the term "facility" without additional context.

For example, one comment said they wanted: "Community facilities East of the Freeway, there is nothing accessible to anyone within, walking or bike ride distance."

So that we know what you mean, please provide us with more context as it relates to the services the City of provides.

This way, we can better understand your expectations and level of understanding of what we do.

Did you attend the Community Workshop? (feedback closes Friday 20 May)

Tell us how you thought the event went:

Overall, were you satisfied with the Community Workshop? Required
Were you satisfied by the catering provided? Required
Were you satisfied by the Conference Room venue where the Workshop was hosted and its accessibility? Required
Were you satisfied by your ability to participate during the Workshop? Required
Were you satisfied by the usefulness of the presentation for your deliberations? Required
Were you satisfied by the quality of your interactions with staff? Required

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.

Journey to Review the Plan

Our journey to review the plan

In 2007, we created our first Strategic Community Plan. Far more than just another document, this plan was an important strategic tool for the City's priorities into the future.


"Tell the City Where to Go" Survey

Tell the City Where to Go survey results

We're happy to say 1394 people completed the "Tell the City Where to Go" survey.

The responses we receive from you will help to define what's important to the community as a whole. We call these priority areas 'Aspirations'. Aspirations guide all planning, decisions, provision of services, programs and products to the community.

Many of you have noted that you'd like to work with us on the next step of the Strategic Community Plan review.

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