Social Impact Festival 2017: Disabilities & Ageing

27 June 2017

As part of the 2017 Social Impact Festival, the City's Community Development Officers (Seniors), Deena and Veronica, will be speaking alongside representatives from Alzheimer's Australia, AMP Garden City and local resident Wendy Blomberg, a dementia advocate, about the Garden City Memory Cafe.

About the presentation:

Panel: Veronica Clarke, Althea Gordon, Clare Riley, Wendy Blomberg & Deena Lazarri

Collaboration – the right mix of expert input and involvement of those directly impacted is the key to success. With dementia being the second leading cause of death and 70% of people with dementia living in the community, this presentation will be of interest to anyone concerned with community well-being initiatives that are simple and inexpensive to implement with the correct mix of collaboration.

Listen to those involved, including local dementia advocate and resident Wendy Blomberg; Alzheimer’s AWA Community Development and Consumer Engagement Coordinator Althea Gordon; Senior Marketing Manager Garden City AMP Clare Riley; and Community Development Officers for Seniors at City of Melville Veronica Clarke and Denna Lazarri.

The story about how this project began is as simple as ABCD, literally, asset based community development in action. The results, relationships, additional community activities and projects, tangible and intangible support continue to unfold each month as individuals connect, share and support one another at the Memory Café.

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“The purpose of humans is to care for everything…” – Dr Noel Nannup, well-respected Noongar Elder, storyteller and cultural guide (Social Impact Festival 2016).

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