Meet the CRG

The Community Reference Group and the City of Melville Project Team

About the CRG

A random sample of Bull Creek and Leeming residents and ratepayers were sent direct email invitations to submit an Expression of Interest in serving on the CRG.

30 people put in an EOI to serve on the CRG. 10 were finally selected based on:

  • representation by age range
  • equal distribution of members between the two suburbs
  • preparedness to attend all meetings
  • preparedness to contribute on MelvilleTalks

The youngest member of the group was recruited following an approach to local schools.

The role of the CRG
  • To serve as a link between the City and the Community
  • To identify community issues/ concerns/ ideas about a premier park
  • To identify locations and preferred styles of park as options for the people of Leeming and Bull Creek to consider
  • To identify how the community can participate in selecting their preferences from options developed
  • To participate in an online discussion forum about the concept of a premier park
  • To evaluate the stakeholder engagement process and outcomes

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