The City has been exploring options for a significant playground in the Leeming and Bull Creek area. The intention of this project is to provide high quality recreational and gathering space for the Bull Creek and Leeming communities (the south-east neighbourhood).

The Process

The City engaged with residents of Bull Creek and Leeming, who came together to form a Community Reference Group (CRG). The purpose of the group was to identify a location and style for the new play space within the south-eastern neighbourhood. After a number of meetings, the CRG proposed Bob Gordon Reserve in Bull Creek as the most suitable location for the new playspace.

The City then produced a Draft Concept Plan and requested community feedback in July 2017. A large response was received with a total of 502 people taking the survey. In addition, there were media releases, letters were sent, signs were erected on site and two meetings were held at the park. As a result verbal and written responses were also received and taken into consideration along with the survey. A report has been produced which includes an explanation of the process, as well as data and analysis of the feedback received.

The Survey Results

An example of the information included in the report:

  • 502 participants used the survey on MelvilleTalks
  • 353 were Bull Creek residents and 81 were Leeming residents making up 81% of the total number of responses
  • 52% (n=260) of overall responses supported the draft concept plan without change
  • 21% (n=104) of overall responses supported the draft concept plan with minor amendments
  • 27% (n=138) did not support the draft concept plan

View the full report on the outcomes the survey here.

The Revised Concept Plan

In response to the feedback received, the City’s Landscape Design Team has altered the concept plan to accommodate suggestions for change. Alterations to the design include:

  • A reduction of the proposed playspace area to allow for greater open space for dog walking and informal recreation;
  • Fencing of the playspace to allow for greater separation of activities for park users;
  • A reduction in the wheeled play elements and relocation of the wheeled play area to west of the BMX track (rather than within the main park space);
  • Removal of any elements between the Scout Hall and the BMX track;
  • Renewal of the existing half basketball court and the tennis hit up wall near to their current location north of the tennis club, rather than their inclusion within the main park space in order to reduce the activity within the main space;
  • Extra parking relocated to the east side of the park (rather than to the west) and a redesign of the under-utilised parking areas within the tennis club area to accommodate increased use;
  • Strengthening of the path network between Bob Gordon to the Premier west, through the adjoining tennis court area and over to John Creaney to the east to allow for greater ease of pedestrian movement between the neighbouring park spaces;
  • Removal of the future container café element, and instead the provision of a designated grassed area near the playspace for food and coffee vans to park;
  • Removal of the separate nature play area, instead having some minor elements/ textures included in the educational bush garden area;
  • Toilets to face both inside the fenced play area and outside toward the open public space to allow greater ease of access to amenities for both user groups given the increased fencing;
  • Increased distance between the active park elements and the houses bordering the park on the southern side.

The Report and Revised Concept Plan are currently scheduled to go to Council for a decision on how to proceed in the first half of 2019.

At this stage, the project remains unfunded and as a result there is no proposed start date.

Please download the PDF version of the Revised Concept Plan here.

You can view the Premier Playspace elements storyboard here.

The Revised Concept Plan.Click here to view the Revised Concept Plan in a different window.

Premier Playspace elements storyboard

The engagement process has now closed and a report is before Council for consideration. If you have any enquiries concerning: