Help us tell the story of the City of Melville by nominating places of aesthetic, historic, scientific or social significance to be included on the City’s Local Heritage Survey.

Updated every four years as per the Heritage Act 1990, the City’s Local Heritage Survey is a catalogue of building and places that have cultural heritage significance. The City recognises a broad scope of listings, from landscape features and parks to historic buildings or structures.

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Registering your property on the Local Heritage Survey or Heritage List is a great opportunity for owners to learn more about the history of their property while also helping capture the stories of the City to help build a sense of community. As part of the listing process, the history of each place is carefully researched by a heritage expert, and you can receive free advice on restoring and or improving your property is that interests you.

Nominate a place you think has heritage value

Example: I’m the owner of 299 Sample Street, Melville. It is a 3 bedroom dwelling built around 1930. Our records show the place was owned by the Merchant family, who ran the local greengrocers from the 1930s until the mid-1980s.

Example: Most of the original materials appear intact, including the copper washtub in the laundry out back.

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Please note while anyone can nominate a place for inclusion on the Local Government Inventory or Heritage List, the owner of the property will need to give their consent prior to listing. Owners are also able to remove their property from both listings during the review period.

About the consultation

The Local Heritage Survey (formerly known as a Municipal Inventory or a Municipal Heritage Inventory) is a book that refers to buildings and places which have cultural heritage significance.

Every local government in Western Australia is required under Section 45 of the Heritage of Western Australia Act 1990 to have a Local Heritage Survey, which must be reviewed and updated every four years.

A sub-list of the Local Heritage Survey is our Heritage List. The Heritage List identifies building and places from our Local Heritage Survey with more cultural heritage significance, and buildings or places on this sub-list require a development application for most works.

The purpose of both the Local Heritage Survey and Heritage List is not to protect or conserve these places, but simply to capture stories and our City’s history. Owners with properties on either list are welcome to develop their properties, but if on the Heritage List just need to submit a development application first.

Visit the City of Melville website to find out more about Heritage Listed Places and the Inventory List.

We are consulting widely with the community including residents, ratepayers and Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people to review the Local Heritage Survey.

A random sample of residents and ratepayers in the City of Melville will also receive a direct invitation to participate.

  • Direct emails will be sent to a random sample of residents and ratepayers to ask for their feedback via Melville Talks
  • On Melville Talks, the community can complete a nomination of a place with heritage value.

The nominations shared by the community will be reviewed by our project team and the owner of the property will need to give their consent prior to listing on the Heritage List.

Successful nominations will be listed on the Local Heritage Survey.

If you miss out on nominations this year don't worry we will be reviewing the document again in another four years.