Staying Fit and Having Fun – at home, in the local park, anywhere!!

9 May 2019

Active in the Park

Are you looking for the motivation to move, or worried about the risk of falls, or are you stuck at home caring for your spouse and can’t get out to exercise? There is so much information today about how to stay fit and flexible and so many options to choose from it can be overwhelming. The main message is ti simply start with a routine that fits with your lifestyle, capacity and most of all that you find enjoyable, fun even!!

Click the button below to see simple exercise program you can do in your home taking only 30 minutes a day and assisting you to maintain your strength.

If you are able to get out and about check out the link below to a number of programs available through the City of Melville, Active in the Park are free exercise programs that may interest you.

Find out other ways to stay fit and have fun in and around Melville. Check out the Age-Friendly Services Directory link for many other community run activities as well.