About the Friendly Neighbour Awards

The City’s annual Friendly Neighbour Awards recognise residents who go above and beyond to help others in the community.

They are held annually around Friendly Neighbour Day, which is the last Sunday of March.

Anyone living within the City of Melville can make a nomination and the community are asked to help pick the final recipients during an open voting period.

Vote for your Friendly Neighbours

The nominations are in and now we need your help to choose Melville’s friendliest neighbours!

Read them below and click the heart button to cast your vote!

To help you decide, consider the following criteria when reading the nominations. Does the nominee:

  • Build connections with other neighbours:
  • Help those who may be in need of extra support
  • Create safer communities by looking out for people
  • Create supportive environments for children and young people?

You can vote for more than one Friendly Neighbour.

Voting closes Wednesday, 2 May 2018 and the top five nominations as voted by the community will receive a Friendly Neighbour Award and a $100 gift voucher.

Click here to read the full Terms and Conditions of entry.

17 April, 2018

Wendy says:

“Every week for 17 years he has brought our bins in off the street. He has also done this for an ill neighbour. He always is there to help!”

15 April, 2018

Meg says:

“one amazing neighbour does all these things and many more free music lessons, food for the sick, gives plants, takes bins in/out, gardening.”

14 April, 2018

Lucky says:

“When our kitchen water pipe burst late Christmas eve and no plumbers would attend, Jeff and his son left their family party to repair it.”

14 April, 2018

AB says:

“Gail and Peter always have big smiles, are up for a chat. they look after neighbors homes when on holidays and we love having them next door”

13 April, 2018

Angelena says:

“It was late afternoon. I was in a pickle. They were saying goodbye to guests when I asked for help. He didn't even hesitate, just said Yep!”

13 April, 2018

Marie-dominique says:

“Our neighbour keeps an eye on our property when we are not home, as we work long hours. She also brings our bins in and collects our mail. ”

12 April, 2018

Aksheet says:

“This couple, despite their age & health issues, tirelessley look after our unit complex, work, and provide for their children and grand kids”

10 April, 2018

Alex says:

“She is the friendliest, sweetest and kindest Neighbour. Always welcoming and helps feed our fish, water our plants etc. so kind to my kids”

10 April, 2018

Hans says:

“My neighbour is awesome! Happy to assist me with storm alerts, being locked out, babysitting my dog until I get home plus... I treasure him!”

10 April, 2018

Carla says:

“Our neighbours are the soul of our neighbourhood street parties, social outings, cooking lessons, over-the-fence chats and house/pet minding”

9 April, 2018

Regy says:

“Very kind, caring and motherly”

9 April, 2018

?? says:

“Helen, sits on her porch often, keeps her flowers looking nice, offers the neighbours fruit, is friendly and always happy for a chat.”