Recycling Changes for WA

15 October 2018

Changes in the recycling industry and world market have imposed tighter restrictions on what can be recycled.

In light of this, the South Metropolitan Regional Council, who process the City’s waste and recycling, have recently made some changes to the items that can be placed in the yellow top bin and be recycled.

This is the same across the whole of Western Australia and aims to reduce contamination, create cleaner recyclables and communicates a consistent, clear message of what goes in what bin to the community.

What are the changes to recycling?

There are three main changes to what you can now put into your recycling (yellow lidded) bin. Aerosols, soft plastics and meat trays can no longer be placed in the yellow top recycling bin.

Where can I take or put these items?

  • Soft plastics (scrunchable) can be taken to any RedCycle drop off point to be recycled into new products, check out your nearest centre usually at Woolworths and Coles at or place them in your general waste bin.
  • Aerosol cans can be taken to your nearest household hazadous waste drop off location for recycling or as a last resort place aerosols in your general waste bin.
  • Meat trays should be placed in your general waste bin due to contamination and the mixed use of materials used to make them.

All recyclable containers should be empty, clean and dry with lids removed and placed in the recycling bin loosely (not bagged).

Want to know more?

Find out more about the recycling changes for WA on the Melville City website including why changes have been made and helpful frequently asked questions.

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