Community Involvement

We asked the community what they thought about the proposed methods for an existing dog exercise area at Attadale Reserve to become fenced.

  • Method 1: Partially fenced, along the Burke Drive roadside with a number of gates for access
  • Method 2: Fully fenced area within Attadale Reserve approximately 25,000sqm in size and located approximately 40m from Burke Drive and 35m from the riverside pathway. This area is an addition to the dog exercise area and will NOT restrict dogs to just the fenced area at Attadale Reserve.
Dog Fence Map

Comment from Councillor Robins

We contacted the Councillor Robins for comment about the proposed fenced area and she referred to the rationale she put forward with her original motion, which begins:

“..residents have contacted me asking about the possibility of the City of Melville providing a dog exercise area as there are none provided in the local area.” Click the link below to see the Council Minutes.

Cr Robins told us that City of Melville residents were taking it on themselves to go to other local government areas where fenced dog exercise areas were available, which is one of the reasons she thought the project worthwhile.

What the community said

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About the engagement


A notice of motion carried at 17 July 2018 meeting concerning the construction of a fenced dog area requested a report for presentation at an Elected Members Information Session included, but not limited to:

  1. Possible options for a location for a fenced dog area. Locations to be considered were John Connell Reserve, Piney Lakes Reserve, Burke Drive and others
  2. An indicative cost of the project, as well as a proposal for how the project will be funded, whether it be through existing budget provisions, funding in the 2019/2020 budget or through grants.
  3. A plan for consultation with Melville residents and ratepayers.

Determining a location

In drafting the report and recommending suitable locations from amongst the 173 parks and reserves in the City of Melville, the following matters were taken into account:

  • Activities within the reserves
  • Proximity to schools and/or residential areas
  • Parking facilities
  • Classification of reserve in relation to whether dogs are permitted, restricted or prohibited
  • Facilities/events held at the reserve, e.g. BBQs and playgrounds
  • Size of the reserve

After extensive research it was determined that 172 of these locations were unsuitable and that the only option was Attadale Reserve on Burke Drive. The decision was supported on the grounds that the site is currently used as an off-lead reserve dog exercise area by the community and has actually been requested for this purpose.


The estimated cost for a 900mm chain-link fence with regular pedestrian access gates was $108,000. No grants were available for this type of project and it would have to be approved (by Council) as a new capital project request in 2020/2021.

We engaged with users of Attadale Reserve to determine levels of support for an existing dog exercise area to become fenced in one of two methods:

  • Partially fenced, along the Burke Drive roadside
  • Fully fenced area within Attadale Reserve approx. 25,000sqm

Direct emails were sent to a random sample of Attadale residents and registered dog owners to ask for their feedback via a survey.

On Melville Talks, the community could join a discussion on which option they prefer, if any.

The information gained from community engagement will determine levels of support for an existing dog exercise area at Attadale Reserve to become fenced and what the community preference is for they method of fencing. The information will be given to council to determine if the project will be approved as a new capital project request in 2020/2021.