Is your home secure?

31 October 2017

Beat Burglar Bill

The City received a grant from the Department of Justice to produce a series of short films aimed at raising community awareness for creating a Safer Melville. Meet Burglar Bill.

You can reduce the chance of being burgled by applying Designing Out Crime (DOC) principles to your property. DOC is a proven crime prevention approach that has been shown to reduce opportunities for crime. The idea is to design or modify environments in way that reduce or prevent crime.

Help Beat Burglar Bill and make it tougher for crooks by applying DOC to your home Check out our Is your Home Secure Checklist and help protect your home from crooks.

You can complete the checklist below or download the printable PDF. Each 'yes' ticked increases your home's security!

Are bushes and trees surrounding your home regularly trimmed so there are clear views?
If you have a fence at the front of your home, does it allow clear views?
Do you have external security sensor lights?
Are gates locked at all times when not in use?
Are security measures on your gates sufficient enough to prevent forced entry?
Can your bins be used as a climbing aid?
Does your property have a clearly defined boundary?

E.g: fences, changes in elevation, flooring or landscaping?

Is your street number clearly visible?
Do you have any Neighbourhood Watch signage displayed?
Do you have any signage displayed indicating you have an alarm?
Do you have signage displayed indicating your property is marked?
Do you have adequate locks on all your doors and windows, including garage and shed doors?
Do you have security screens on doors and windows?
Do you have a security alarm?
Do you have a dog?
Are trees and shrubs surrounding your property managed and maintained?
Do you report all graffiti to the City of Melville for prompt removal?
Are all lights surrounding your property in good working order?
Is your yard kept litter free and neat at all times?

Who you gonna call?

Community Safety Service (CSS)

The role of the CSS is to obserce, monitor and report suspicious behaviour to the police. The CSS can be contacted 24/7 on 1300 653 643

WA Police

Non-urgent police attendence - 131 444

Emergencies - 000

Crime Stoppers - 1800 333 000

Graffiti Removal

Prompt removal helps defeat vandals. Report graffiti for removal to the City's 24 hour maintenance line on 1300 626 119 or visit to lodge an online request

Do you have any other tips on how to keep your home secure?

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