Homelessness in the City

13 September 2017

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Homelessness in the City

Homelessness is a growing social issue not only for the general community but right here in Melville

Homelessness is often as a result of a number of issues affecting people’s lives that can spiral quickly out of control. Things like a chronic illness, social isolation, loss of longer-term housing or relationship, mental health issues, loss of a job, domestic violence and addiction and gambling. People who experience homelessness include those who have to couch-surf, or who might have to sleep out in their car a few nights, women who have nowhere to live as they try to escape domestic violence of all kinds as well as those who sleep out on the streets.

The City of Melville has recently been involved in making changes to our processes to improve our data collection and responses to queries and notifications of issues.

The City has also produced an information leaflet to assist anyone looking for immediate support and referrals to services for food and accommodation.

Want to help?

Would you like a leaflet to give out to someone in need? Request some to be sent out to you by emailing or download and print the leaflet available here.

Do you have items you’d like to donate? Why not try out donations via the not for profit organisation ‘Givit’ who provides a free opportunity for people to donate unwanted items to organisations and listed charities seeking items for people in need. As a website, it encourages a positive way that you can make a difference to the lives of those who need things you could perhaps do without.

You can find out more here:

Fore more information on Homelessness in the City of Melville, visit

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Please send any questions or information to our Social Justice Advovcate or comment below to get talking.

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