You can't get back what you've lost

22 September 2016

Be prepared for an emergency


Australian Red Cross wants everyone in Australia to be prepared for an emergency: whether it’s a fire, flood or personal crisis. Emergency Preparedness Week, celebrated this year from September 19-26, is where we start.

Too many conversations after an emergency begin with “I wish I had…”. People wish they’d taken the kids’ baby photographs; kept their passports safe; upped their insurance; looked in on their neighbours. And it’s these conversations that drive the Red Cross to empower Australians to prepare.

Emergencies can happen at any time. They can be as large as a bushfire, flood or cyclone or as personal as a death in the family. But the better you prepare for them, the easier it is for you and your family to recover.

RediPlan is a free disaster preparedness guide that will get you prepared for any emergency in four simple steps. RediPlan helps you:

  • learn about the risks you face and how they might affect you
  • make an emergency survival kit to help you through a disaster
  • take action now to protect the important things in life
  • create your personal emergency plan to help you when disaster strikes.
  • If you haven't prepared and made a plan, an emergency could disrupt your life in ways you don't expect. Get prepared and you'll be more confident, more in control and more likely to cope when disaster strikes.

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    Have been in an emergency situation? Were you prepared? What lessons can you share with others on how to best prepare for such an event?

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