Meet Zoe, our Landscape Architect

An independent assessment by the University of Western Australia’s Public Open Space POS Tool calculated that public spaces occupy 25.8% of the City’s total area. In addition to this figure are other public spaces, such as club pay-for-use facilities. The City has more available public space than most comparable, inner-urban local governments in Perth.

Our Roles

As a provider, we:

  • Maintain and protect over 250 hectares of bushland and 18kms of foreshore annually
  • Completed several large-scale foreshore projects including Jeff Joseph Reserve, Heathcote and Mt Henry Bridge
  • Completed the Bentwood Living Stream project which turned a closed drain into an open creek
  • Secured over $300,000 in grants for natural area projects
  • Implemented water quality improvement at Blue Gum, Booragoon, Quenda Wetland and Bull Creek
  • Received a Platinum Award for water management at Heathcote Reserved, Applecross, by the Water Corporate
  • Delivered environmental education at Piney Lakes Environmental Education Center PLEEC. In 2016/17, there were 572 booking and 77 school and community programs delivered including:
    • Bats Fantastic
    • Sustainable Living Series
    • Worm farming workshops
    • Nestbox building
    • Cultural Education workshops
    • Natuve gardening, and
    • School and holiday education programs
  • Planted over 1,000 street and park semi-established trees and 17,310 tubestock. The City has approximately 40,000 street trees and over 200 species represented in our street tree population.
  • Implemented the Urban Forest Strategy Part A following input from Melville residents and a Community Reference Group, which serves to protect, preserve and enhance the aesthetic character of the City of Melville.
  • Collected over 4 million residential garbage and recycling bins.
  • Diverted 63.5% (31,058T) of kerbside waste from landfill, nearly double the state average of 33%.
  • Avoided over 30 thousand tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions through landfill diversion
  • Recycled 5,600kg of electronic waste
  • Developed of the Urban Forest Strategic Plan which outlines actions that will increase tree coverage and green spaces in public areas for the benefit of everyone.
  • Delivered the Canning Bridge Streetscape Masterplan endorsed in October 2016 Public Spaces Strategy, endorsed in February 2017.

We have partnered with:

We also promoted the re-use message through participating in the Garage Sale Trail, the biggest reuse community event in the country. We lead the way having the most participants in WA with 395 stalls and over 64,000 items listed for sale. This was also the 4th highest number of stalls nationally

We monitor:

  • Woody weed control, dieback management, feral animal and bee control across all our reserves
  • Water quality monitoring of wetlands across the City.

As an advocator,

  • We aim to encourage and provide opportunities for the community to be actively engaged in local environmental projects.
  • We work to ensure our Council Policy on Energy Efficiency in Building Design gives direction on the incorporation of environmentally sustainable and energy efficient design principles as standard practice in the development of buildings.
  • We lobbied key State government departments for an increase in natural resource management funding to facilitate foreshore rehabilitation.

How have we been going with creating a clean and green environment since 2016?

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