Planning is now underway for the new Library and Cultural Centre, which will see the redevelopment of the existing library site become home to the City’s new cultural heart with state of the art library, local history museum, A-Class gallery, performing arts centre, café, retail and co-working spaces, amongst a range of other community services.

During the development, library services will be relocating to a temporary home to ensure our patrons can continue to access the range of services and programs they currently enjoy.

Many thanks to the Civic Square Library users who recently completed the survey to help us plan for a temporary space when the library closes in mid 2018.

We received 756 responses to the survey that gave us some great information about how customers use the library, where they would go when the library closes and why the use the Civic Square Library.

This is what you told us:

  • When the Civic Square Library closes, 66% told us they would consider going to one of the other libraries in the City of Melville and 59% told us they would consider using a temporary library space.
  • 51% told us a temporary premise at Booragoon will meet their needs
  • 79% told us they currently drive to the library by car, and
  • 53% told us that they usually visit the Civic Square Library in the morning

You can read the report here.

We will now use this data to develop some options for a transitional space and services when the library closes.

Focus Group

In early November 2017 we are planning to host a focus group to review those service options. To ensure that the group represents the interests of a wide range of library users, we will be selecting and inviting participants from the 100+ library users who completed the survey and also said they would be interested in attending a focus group.

Watch this space!