Planning is now underway for the new Library and Cultural Centre, which will see the redevelopment of the existing library site become home to the City’s new cultural heart with state of the art library, local history museum, A-Class gallery, performing arts centre, café, retail and co-working spaces, amongst a range of other community services.

During the development, library services will be relocating to a temporary home to ensure our patrons can continue to access the range of services and programs they currently enjoy.

The overall purpose of engagement on the Civic Square Library was to identify how closure would affect library patrons and identify their service priorities and from there, develop options to continue service provision during the time of closure. This was to be done in ways that would be fair, transparent and linked to the final outcomes of the engagement process.

The first stage involved the use of an online survey. An email was sent to current users of the Civic Square Library with a direct link to the survey attached. The results from the online survey can be found here.

The second stage of engagement – the focus group - was to be informed by the first. Service options identified as a result of the survey would require further exploration with the community prior to creating a business case and budget for an interim service.

About the survey

Many thanks to the Civic Square Library users who recently completed the survey to help us plan for a temporary space when the library closes in mid 2018.

We received 756 responses to the survey that gave us some great information about how customers use the library, where they would go when the library closes and why the use the Civic Square Library.

This is what you told us:

  • When the Civic Square Library closes, 66% told us they would consider going to one of the other libraries in the City of Melville and 59% told us they would consider using a temporary library space.
  • 51% told us a temporary premise at Booragoon will meet their needs
  • 79% told us they currently drive to the library by car, and
  • 53% told us that they usually visit the Civic Square Library in the morning

You can read the report here.

We will now use this data to develop some options for a transitional space and services when the library closes.

The Focus Group

On Wednesday, 8 November 2017, we hosted a focus group to review those service options. People invited to attend the focus group were randomly selected from a list of 143 people who expressed their interest in attending via a question in the online survey.

To ensure that potential focus group participants reflected all stages of life (and therefore likely requirements) of members, 80 people were randomly selected from the list of 143 and invited to attend. Initially, 30 people accepted but prior to the event, 4 people sent apologies.

The method for gathering community input at the focus group was m-participation where participants are able to respond to questions via mobile devices and see them appear on a screen in the front of the room in real time. On this occasion, most questions were qualitative in nature, enabling participants to give considered, individual feedback following – or during - round table discussions with other participants around their table.

You can view the full report here.

Note: The responses reported in this document are unedited.


Civic Square Library Closure - Frequently Asked Questions

The Civic Square Library will be closing to make way for the new Library & Cultural Centre that will include a Library, Museum, Gallery, Community Theatre, Child Health Services and the City’s customer service. This is part of the wider Melville City Centre development and expansion of Garden City Shopping Centre.

It is anticipated that the library will close in mid 2018. Further information on the exact date will be communicated well in advice of the library closing. The new Library and Cultural Centre will open in 2021.

We are currently planning for alternative library services while the Civic Square Library is closed. We are seeking input from our Civic Square users to help us develop a plan for the continuation of services for library customers.

Other branch libraries – A H Bracks, Bull Creek, Willagee and Canning Bridge are unaffected by the closure of Civic Square Library and will continue to operate.

You can return your loaned items at any other City of Melville Library as listed above. We are investigating other options for customers to return their library items.

You can collect reserved items from any City of Melville Library that has been nominated by you. We are planning for additional pick up and drop off locations at other City of Melville facilities.

The new Library will provide the same services currently available to customers at Civic Square Library and additional services and facilities including the City’s local history museum, child heath services, exhibitions, cafe and the City’s customer service.

The furniture and carpet will be reused at an alternative library and other City of Melville facilities.

The staff will be relocated to other City of Melville Libraries.