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3 to 9 September 2017 is National Child Protection Week and this is how you can play a part to keep children safe in your community.

We all have a part to play in preventing child abuse and neglect. Even small acts can help build a safer community for children. For instance:

  • Be kind to children and parents
  • Rather than blame parents, think of ways to support them
  • Listen to the needs of children and spend time with them
  • Be a good role model around children
  • Get involved in your local community
  • Learn abut what resources and services are available and share these with those who need them
  • Look out for signs of abuse or neglect; if you suspect something is wrong, talk to an expert
  • Always take reports of abuse seriously
  • Avoid blame; instead, ask yourself what you can do to help
  • Learn more about child abuse and neglect
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help or ask someone if they need help

For more information, visit the NAPCAN website, email or phone (02) 8073 3300.

The Continuum of Wellbeing - NAPCAN

How can we value the voice of children and young people in our community?

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6 September 2017

Isabelle Monaghan (9) plays Rainforest Coding at Civic Square Library during Book Week 2017

City of Melville Libraries are excited to be the first Local Government in Western Australia to offer free Coding for Kids programs; Rainforest Coding and SwopBots to primary school aged children.

Introducing primary school aged children to programming through Scratch coding techniques, helps to increase skills under the STEM umbrella, a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines, science, technology, engineering and mathematics, in an interdisciplinary and applied approach.

SwopBots is a game about brother and sister, Loop and Switch and their SwopBot robot friends who come crashing down on an alien planet. Children will need to use problem solving and coding techniques to help them repair their ship and get off the planet in one piece.

For more information and to access these free resources have your City of Melville library card ready and visit If you are not currently a City of Melville library member, apply online and come in to your nearest library to redeem your card.

The Escapade School Holiday program includes free Coding for Kids sessions at local libraries during the September school holidays, visit for more information and to register.

Tell us what you think about coding programs for kids

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24 August 2017

Through puppetry and song, this performance for children in Kindergarten to Year 3 teaches students the difference between scary things that are fun (like rollercoasters) and those scary secrets that we need to tell a trusted adult about.

This performance is an ideal way to present the key concepts of protective behaviours to young students in an engaging and non-threatening way.

Venue: Blue Gum Community Centre, 33 Moolyeen Road, Brentwood

Date: Thursday 5 October 2017

Time: 11.30 am – 12.30pm

Bookings not essential – bring a cushion or bean bag!

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22 August 2017

Protective Behaviours is a safety awareness and resilience building programme which helps children and adults to recognise any situation where they feel worried or unsafe, such as feeling stressed, bullied or threatened and explores practical ways to keep safe. It also looks at identifying support networks for times when we need someone to listen and help.

Venue: Blue Gum Community Centre.

33 Moolyeen Road, Brentwood

Date: Thursday 19 October 2017

Time: 09.30 – 11.30 am

Bookings Essential on: 9331 2211

Venue: Bull Creek Community Centre.

Cr. Hassell Crescent and Leichhardt Street, Bull Creek

Date: Wednesday 11 October 2017

Time: 09.30 – 11.30 am

Bookings Essential on: 9331 2211

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22 August 2017

Clan WA are running free parenting courses.

These courses & seminars are delivered by experienced facilitators and are a great opportunity for Parents to discuss practical ideas to help them through the challenges of parenthood.

Listen to Me
Wednesday, 9 August 2017
1.30pm - 3pm
Canning Vale

Happy Parents Happy Kids
Tuesday, 22 August 2017
6pm - 7.30pm
Southern River

Kids & Anxiety
Tuesday, 6 September 2017
9.30am - 12pm
Dudley Park

Youth Mental Health & Well-being
Tuesday, 12 September 2017
6pm - 8.30pm
Southern River

Registrations open 1 month prior to each course commencing. Places are limited and bookings are essential.

For more information, please contact Clan WA on 9477 0400 or email

Have you been to a parenting course that you felt was helpful and would recommend? List them here.

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31 July 2017

Ignite your child’s passion for sport and exercise

Ready Steady Go Kids is Australia’s leading multi-sport program for children aged 1.5-6 years. The physio-designed program teaches children the fundamentals of 10 different sports and develops essential motor skills in a fun, non-competitive environment.

Where: Blue Gum Community Centre, 33 Moolyeen Road, Brentwood

When: Every Tuesday

1.5 to 2.5 year olds - 9.15am

2.5 to 4 year olds - 9.45am

This coupon entitles one child to one free class. Please call 1300 766 892 to redeem the free class.

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25 July 2017

The Holy Cross Church is running a FREE community workshop on Child Protection Education for parents on sex abuse.

Proudly supported by the City of Melville Community partnership Funding, this workshop will be delivered by Ms Andrea Musulin who has worked at the coalface of child protection with the WA Police Force for 30 years.

The education session will cover:

  • what you need to know about child sexual abuse
  • the imapcts of child sexual abuse
  • and how you can reduce the risk of child sexual abuse from occuring

This workshop is suited for parents, grandparents and carers of children.

When: Saturday, 1 July 2017, 1.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Where: The Anglican Church of the Holy Cross, 56 McLean Street, Melville

Cost: FREE with afternoon tea provided

Contact: Jill Bowman at 0417 178 688 or

Register online.

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9 June 2017

A teacher in America has set up a student blogging program to encourage literacy skills of his students.

"I started off with just one student blogging in my class. Once the other kids saw how much fun it was, they started asking their parents to come in and talk with me. The number of student bloggers grew rapidly and their parents were very eager to have their children learn the technology and enhance their reading and writing skills. This was encouraging to see, and yet I noticed that there was a group of students who were not getting involved: English Language Learners," writes Mr Jon Schwartz.

This student blogging program was founded to address several issues:
  • Kids want to share their work with a real, authentic audience.
  • Kids need to learn how to write and present their work in an organized fashion.
  • Kids need to learn how to use the internet and become digital citizens.
  • Kids benefit from creating organized work portfolios that they can easily access from a variety of locations.
  • Writing is a higher order thinking skill, as it requires the author to synthesize information and thoughts and present it in a coherent fashion.
  • Teachers need to give students timely and meaningful input on their work, but that's hard to do when the work is all handed in at the same time.
  • Busy parents can read their children's work at their convenience, offer praise, and share it with relatives and friends.
  • Kids can share their work with their peers and comment on their peer's work.

Read more about the program here:

Have your children tried blogging? What were their experiences?

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3 August 2016

How important do you think having fun is?

A blog post on Nature Play Canberra argues that fun isn’t the byproduct of a distracted mind - in fact it is the opposite. Fun is the purest motivator of attention, imagination, fascination, effort, and memory (and laughter, which is no small thing).

Griffin Longley writes: "That is why our kids do best when life and learning are fun. Why we need to take care not to make allow our adult need for rules, timetables and caution squash it. And why we need to welcome mess, sensible risk, noise and a little disorder into our children’s lives."

View the video below, and make sure to tell us your thoughts about the importance of play in children's lives.

What did you think of the video above? Do your children get enough real play time?

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21 July 2016

Teenagers who think they don’t matter much to their fathers or stepfathers face significant risks to their mental health, according to our study of 392 13- to 16-year-olds from communities in Arizona and California in the United States.

Mattering to fathers predicted future mental health over and above mattering to mothers.

The risk to adolescent mental health was also independent of similar, already well-known, levels of risk associated with intimate partner violence between parents as well as frequent and intense but non-violent parental conflict (nagging, arguing, getting angry, and yelling).


As a parent, how do you ensure you communicate effectively with your children?

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19 July 2016