What is community-led placemaking?

11 June 2019

What is community-led placemaking?

As a business owner you may be wondering…what is community-led placemaking and how can it support my business? From a business perspective, community-led placemaking offers the opportunity to create inviting neighbourhood places that attract people, which can lead to opportunity for economic exchange. And it’s more than that, you can connect with and learn about the local community - your customers and potential customers – and together discover and create reciprocal benefits that support mutual prosperity for locals and your business.

Community-led placemaking is a collaborative approach. It involves diverse people coming together such as business owners, local residents, land owners and local government officers, to make decisions together about how to shape the public realm – in both a physical and social sense. It’s about strengthening connections between local people, as well as building on the cultural identity of the place, or neighbourhood, where you carry out your business.

Community-led placemaking builds on local community assets, passion and potential to create a thriving place, the kind of neighbourhood hub or commercial precinct where people want to visit, spend time, and be a part of the local social, cultural and economic exchange.

Written by Tanya Babeff

What are your experiences with community-led placemaking?

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