New scams targeting small business owners

3 August 2016

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that small businesses are increasingly being targeted in scams and schemes that can devastate them, undoing years of hard work and smart planning.

The CEO Scam

The fake CEO scam happens when the scammer would pose as the CEO, CFO or other key decision maker in a company and email a directive to someone in finance to send money to an account. This might be through hacking the actual email address or it might involving setting a very similar account in that persons name.

The government body scam

Scammers are pretending to send messages on behalf of commonwealth agencies and organisations including the ACCC, the Federal Police and the ATO.

The ransomware scam

In this one an email arrives with a zip or another large attachment that contains malicious software that can take all the vital information on your computer.

That information is then held ransom, and you will be asked to pay money to get it back.

To learn more about these scams, visit:

Criminals are finding new ways to scam businesses every day. Do you have any tips on how to stay safe from scams?

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