Machines & Makers at Wireless Hill

19 October 2017

Judith Forrest – Back Stitch: Decorating with needles (detail), 2016, oil on canvas.

Wireless Hill Museum in partnership with Art On The Move presents Machines & Makers − an exhibition displaying a healthy obsession for sewing machines, which captures the extraordinary history of a disruptive technology from the 19th Century that changed the world.

Curated by Jude van der Merwe, the exhibition takes us through the magic of creating stitch, texture and beauty, and reflects on the disposable clothing culture of the 21st Century.

The twelve artists’ various approaches can be broadly grouped into three areas of investigation − the political, social and economic differences made by the inventions, many of which are seen through the lens of memory.

Machines & Makers is open from Friday 10 November to Sunday, 11 February 2018.

Wireless Hill Museum, Wireless Hill Park, Telefunken Drive, Ardross

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