Renting and housing security, the issues facing older Australians

25 June 2019

Renting and homelessness

Social isolation when renting later in life and housing security for older women are two issues which are increasingly faced by older Australians. The ABC News articles below discuss these two issues and look for solutions to combat them.

Not all older people are lonely. This hidden factor is often overlooked

Social Isolation in older people is a greater risk for those who rent privately. Social housing renters feel more connected to their community and don’t have the level of concerns about housing tenure and high financial outlay.

Older residents in Melville have told us that housing is a priority concern, are you an older person renting? What is your experience? Leave a comment below.

Women are the hidden victims of homelessness — but it isn't just a case of sleeping rough

Very few Australians realise that older women are the fastest growing group of homeless people in Australia. Circumstances such as low superannuation, low paid employment for fewer years than men due to child raising responsibilities in the family, divorce complicating the inferior financial situation many older women find themselves in.

What have you done to ensure your future financial and housing security? Did you know the City offers financial counselling services free of charge to all Melville Residents?

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