The purple road

18 March 2019

Purple Road

If you are visiting the Civic Centre over the next two weeks you may notice an 18 metre ‘road’ of crocheted purple flowers hanging around the balcony….how could you miss it right? And that’s the point, indications are that Elder Abuse often goes unnoticed in our communities.

The Purple Road is a community art project being coordinated by The Older Peoples Rights Association as a way to raise awareness about this serious community issue. It is a collaborative artwork; a visual representation of the Rights of an older person which gives rise to positive ageing and empowerment of our older community members.

The Purple Road will begin its journey here in Melville at the Civic Centre and will move throughout the City over the next two months, being displayed at Community Centres and libraries. The last two weeks it will return to the Civic Centre from June 1 to June 15 as this final day, the 15th June is World Prevention of Elder Abuse Day. Over the next two months volunteers will attend the displays at different times and locations to support raising awareness by providing information, so take the time and say hi and learn a little more about this issue.