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15 November 2017

The City of Melville's Access Advisory Panel gives local people with disabilities the chance to comment on important projects before they are finalised. We meet every three months, encouraging designers to think beyond formal access standards and strive for practical, user-friendly solutions.

In Perth there are very few groups like ours. We blend the experience of wheelchair users, senior citizens, deaf people, people with Alzheimer's and dementia, people with autism, and the blind/vision impaired.

Developers and project managers benefit from our unique advice. And everyone benefits from better design!

Here’s some of the projects we’ve helped with since we started in September 2013:

  • An upgrade to the Piney Lakes Sensory Playground
  • The new three-storey Challenger Institute of Technology building on Murdoch Drive
  • A public realm upgrade out the front of the shops on Davis Road in Attadale
  • The Point Walter Festival
  • A new three-storey classroom at All Saints College
  • A large new sports centre at Corpus Christi College
  • The Sculpture Walk at Deep Water Point
  • The Disability Action Plan for Museums and Libraries in the City of Melville
  • The upcoming upgrade to Garden City Shopping Centre
  • Some of the public toilets around the City of Melville
  • A new four-storey mixed-use building (offices and apartments/day care) in the Riseley Activity Centre
  • A set of two 20-storey mixed use buildings (offices, small bar and apartments) in the Canning Bridge Activity Centre
  • The City’s new Disability Access and Inclusion Plan
  • A new four-storey mixed use building (offices and residential care) in Willagee
  • A new 22-storey mixed use building (food shops and apartments) in the Canning Bridge Activity Centre
  • The Department of Parks and Wildlife’s marli riverpark interpretation nodes
  • A new church and three-storey apartment building in Willagee
  • Access improvements for out the front of Blue Gum Community CentreThe

City of Melville residents with disabilities are welcome to get in touch with us about joining any time.

Please contact Will Schaefer, Strategic Urban Planner, at the City of Melville on 9364 0642 or

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