Accessible Playgrounds

9 November 2017

Accessible swing at Carawatha Park in Willagee

The City of Melville is home to some of the most inspiring and stimulating playgrounds in Perth.

Carawatha Park

In 2015, the City of Melville was awarded the Playspace Major Award by PLAfor the multi-generational playspace at Carawatha Park designed for different ages, cultures and abilities to enjoy the inclusive, accessible landscaped grounds and facilities. PLA is an industry association that supports those working in the Parks and Leisure sector in Australia.

The park has been extremely popular since it's opening and has proved a huge success among local residents, strengthening the Willagee Community.

Piney Lakes Sensory Play Park

Recent upgrades at Piney Lakes Sensory Play Park have resulted in sensory delights of sound, sight and touch. There are accessible toilets and easy footpaths and ramps.

In August this year, the City launched a community art project by community participants from DADAA, Yidarra Catholic Primary School and Corpus Christi College, and facilitated by artist Jenny Dawson. The vibrant eight panel handmade tile mural is named 'Enchanted Garden' and adds to the collection of great art elements that can be found there. View the beautiful new artistic additions at the all-inclusive play park at Piney Lakes (via the Murdoch Drive entrance).

Jenny Dawson, in an artist statement, said:

The artwork is a colourful and joyous celebration of imagery depicting the natural environment at Piney Lakes Reserve and constellations in the night sky. The involvement of children from local schools and artists from DADAA has resulted in a beautiful, gestural work that showcases pressed and incised designs using found nuts, plants, leaves, twigs and stones that have been incorporated into the artist's overall design.

Do you know of an accessible play space around Perth? Tell us where they are on the map below.

Accessible Playgrounds

Do you know any other accessible inclusive parks in WA for people of all abilities to enjoy?

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