Home and Our Human Rights

14 July 2017

Photo Credit: Nimboi's Bat by Sean Spencer, from the 2011 Human Rights Photography competition.

The 2017 Human Rights Photography competition is now open to children and adults around the country, with a $600 camera prize up for grabs for the most outstanding image!

The focus for this year’s competition will be the experiences of people at home. The theme for the 2017 competition is Home, inspired by Eleanor Roosevelt’s famous quote “Where, after all, do universal human rights begin? In small places, close to home..."

Which got us thinking...

What does home mean to you?

How does home in Melville encourage connection to community?

Is there a particular place, a space where you feel home ?

How does this relate to your human rights of equality, expression, culture, dignity or identity?

For example:

Chloe* (name changed) has lived in Leeming her whole life and it is truly home to her. She loves taking long walks with her two dogs and most recently with her next door neighbour June who’s just migrated from Sri Lanka. For Chloe, home is where she feels connected, grounded and safe. It’s the familiar. Where she can relax after working all day. Her human rights are as much about her freedom to do her gardening on the weekend and take her dog to the dog beach, walk the open public parks and meet her neighbours as it is about her new friend June’s journey in learning English and finding the right job in her new home of Australia.

Home is so unique and special. Just as you are. What’s your human rights story?

What is your human rights story?

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