It's OK to Walk Away

20 June 2017

As part of a National strategy to educate younger Indigenous consumers to know their consumer rights beforehand and to empower them to say “No” to high pressure sales tactics, a music video has been produced by the Department of Commerce, Consumer Protection.

It's OK to Walk Away is part of a National Indigenous Consumer Strategy designed to educate and empower consumers in Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islander communities to know their consumer rights.

The City's Accredited Financial Counselor gives some tips you can use to avoid high pressure sales tactics:

  • Know your consumer rights beforehand. If you have bought something and you change your mind, you generally can’t return it.
  • If you have been contacted by a sales person and as a result you have signed the contract, you have the right to change your mind within 10 business days. This is known as a cooling-of period.
  • To avoid being pressured and if you don't want a salesperson coming into your community or home, put up a "Do Not Knock" sticker on the front door. If the salesperson ignores this request, they are breaking the law. You can request for a "Do Not Knock" sticker here
  • Get on the "Do Not Call" register via this webpage to stop telemarketers and salespeople from talking you into making a financial commitment over the phone

For more information on It's OK to Walk Away visit

The City has a Financial Counselling service to assist City of Melville residents who are struggling to gain financial control of their lives. This service is free and confidential.

For more information, please contact Karen D-Lee at , at the Willagee Community Centre (corner of Winnacott Street, Willagee) or on 9364 0661 Monday to Wednesday.

How do you say 'No' to high pressure sales tactics?

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