The 3rd National Indigenous Economic Development Forum

26 July 2016

Despite several efforts from the federal government to close the gap, Indigenous Australians continue to face significant economic disadvantage. The rate of Indigenous labour force is unacceptably low; Indigenous Australians are almost four times as likely to be unemployed and are also less likely to be self-employed.

According to the Indigenous Economic Development Strategy; Indigenous Australians are half as likely to finish Year 12 compared to non-Indigenous Australians. Recent research by The Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research has also found that Indigenous employers are more likely to hire other Indigenous Australians; Indigenous entrepreneurship is vital to growing and sustaining Australia’s Indigenous economy.

This conference will examine strategies to improve sustainable access to jobs for Indigenous people in areas of high Indigenous population and tools to strengthen community controlled enterprises.

In 2011, only 56% of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander working age people were participating in the labour force. How can we break down barriers and change this statistic for the better?

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