An Integrated Transport Plan looks at how the City can improve connections and access to places the community frequents or is important to them, such as activity centres, parks and reserves, schools and local streets and places.

This is your opportunity to participate in the development of a new Integrated Transport Plan, to be adopted by Council, and plan for the next 10 years of transport for people in the City.

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Activity centres are vibrant, dynamic places with a mix of different activities and land uses.

The City of Melville has a range of different activity centres, ranging from very large centres such as Murdoch, Canning Bridge and Melville City Centre (area around Garden City Shopping Centre), to small commercial areas in the suburbs. Click one of the large icons on the map below to find out more about our major activity centres.

Petra Street
Melville District
Riseley Centre
Canning Bridge
Melville City Centre
Murdoch City
Bull Creek

How connected are you?

Tell us which modes of transport you use, where you regularly travel to and how you get there, what your transport preferences are, and any obstacles, barriers or reasons you have for not using different types of transport.
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About the consultation

Through consultation for the City’s strategic community plan, the community told us they wanted us to work towards a more sustainable and connected transport network, through better public transport, cycling and walking infrastructure throughout the City.

Sustainable and connected transport is important as it helps reduce the community’s dependence on cars by providing more opportunities for walking and cycling, which has other environmental and health benefits.

Access to safe, convenient and affordable transport is also essential as it helps ensure that the community can take advantage of all the services and facilities the City has to offer. It also helps improve quality of life and contributes to economic development.

The City of Melville has been at the forefront of transport planning in Perth for many years, and was the first local government in Western Australia to develop and implement a Transport Strategy in 2000. This provided direction for transport programs in the ensuing years.

Transport is very topical at the moment and there are many changes in technology and innovation. The plan will consider those opportunities but also look at the day to day impacts felt by our community.

The City of Melville has a very good transport network.

Did you know we have:

  • Over 480 kms of footpaths and 507 kms of roads that we maintain.
  • Boarding’s on Trains have been trending upwards since 2008
  • Murdoch has the highest number of people boarding outside of the CBD
  • Murdoch, Canning Bridge and Bull Creek have the highest percentage of transfers from bus to train in the metropolitan network
  • 34.5% of our households own only one car or less

The intended outcome of the integrated transport plan is to prioritise funding and expenditure for transport, improved connections within and between neighbourhoods, more sustainable urban form, and improved amenity and access for local streets.

We are consulting widely with the community to help build a more complete picture of how people get around Melville and what is important in your area of the City.

A random sample of residents and ratepayers in the City of Melville will receive a direct invitation to participate.

  • Direct emails will be sent to a random sample of residents and ratepayers to ask for their feedback via a survey.
  • Registrations for a Community Reference Group will be sought from the survey participants and final selection will be be determined based on demographic representation of the City.
  • On Melville Talks, the community can join a discussion to tell us which modes of transport they use, where they regularly travel to and how they get there, what their transport preferences are, and any obstacles, barriers or reasons they have for not using different types of transport.

The results from the survey and the community discussion board on Melville Talks will be shared with the Community Reference Group (CGR).This will help the City of Melville to identify what the community values and what potential improvements could be made to transportation infrastructure system.

The results will also inform the draft Integrated Transport Plan.

The Draft Integrated Transport Strategy will be published for comment on Melville Talks before referral to Council for endorsement.