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Meet the Community Reference Group and project team staff

Weekly meetings with members of the Community Reference Group (CRG) and project team staff concluded on 11 May 2017. The officers are now working on compiling all the information collected during the engagement process and putting together the first draft of the new Directions from Seniors.

Watch this space!

Who was consulted?

We sent out an email link to our online survey to a random sample of local residents aged 50+ and hosted workshops to do with the experience of ageing. People were encouraged to think about and discuss things that were important to them in our online forum on "the burning issues."

We put together a Community Reference Group (CRG) made up of local residents and held a series of meetings to discuss how life could become more Age Friendly in the City of Melville.

Background to this project

As a member of the World Health Organisation's Age-Friendly global network, the City of Melville is always interested in hearing from you about how we can be more age-friendly.

Over the past four years we have gathered almost 1,000 survey responses and supported a range of initiatives in response to what you told us. Some of the great outcomes have included:

  • continuing the popular South of the River Forums in partnership with Council on the Ageing to cover topics on things you have told us you would like to hear about, including housing choices, aged care options, healthy lifestyles and well-being.
  • establishing the Digital Hub in 2014 to provide seniors with small group or one on one training in using smartphones, computers, learn about cyber safety;
  • establishing our Access Advisory Panel in 2013 to represent the views of people with disabilities, carers and older people for input into Council decisions
  • establishing MAFAB (Melville Age-Friendly and Accessible Businesses) network in 2016 to give your feedback to local businesses on what would make businesses more age-friendly and finally;
  • working with Garden City, Coffea Fine Espresso, Alzheimer’s Australia WA and Attitudinal Healing WA to host the very first Memory Cafe

Work with us in creating the new Directions from Seniors Strategy 2017 - 2022.

Community Reference Group

The CRG serves as a link between the City and the community, encouraging greater understanding of the information gathering and planning process, as we work towards an age-friendly city.

The main tasks of the CRG were:

  • To gain an understanding of the actions taken by the City in response to the current DFS 2013 - 2017 Plan
  • To be informed about things we have learned from older people in preparation for the review
  • To actively participate and contribute to the development of the DFS 2017 – 2022
  • To review the draft document
  • To evaluate the stakeholder engagement process and outcomes with respect to: Adherence to IAP2 core values

The CRG will comprise no more than 12 people representing the broad interests of the older demographic in our community, including:

  • People from each of the following age ranges:
    • 50 – 59
    • 60 – 69
    • 70 – 79
    • 80+
  • People from culturally linguistically diverse backgrounds
  • People who are carers
  • People who work in the aged care sector
  • Representatives who will commit to attending all meetings of the group; and
  • Representatives who will register on MelvilleTalks and participate in community discussions for the duration of the stakeholder engagement process.

The term of appointment to the CRG aligned with the project timeline, approximately 4 months.

Snippets from the online survey

Here are some snippets of things you told us from the online survey:

  • Those of you between 50 and 70 have active and varied lifestyles in the community, maintaining lifelong interests and volunteering in service clubs and life long-learning programs.
  • Most of you still live with a husband or partner (57%).
  • 37% of you who are working want to continue for economic reasons and because you consider yourself to be fit and healthy (37%).
  • As to your preferred method of communication from the City of Melville, 82% identified direct email as the preferred option, over the City of Melville website (25%) and advertisements or notices in community newspapers (21%).
  • Those of you between 71 and 85+ are retired, largely female and living alone.
  • Whilst some of you continue to participate in service clubs (14%), your focus appears to be on socialization with community groups (57%) and with others who share a special interest (71%).
  • Direct email is still the preferred option for just over half of you (54%) receiving communications from the City, but you still like to receive communications by post (30%) and through community newspapers (23%).

More feedback soon...