Disability Awareness Week Events

27 October 2017

Disability Awareness Week (DAW) 3 – 9 December 2017 celebrates the abilities of people with disability and raises awareness about the importance of access and inclusion for all people.

We all have different abilities. Some people are good with words, others prefer pictures. Some people enjoy a chat, others are better with technology. Some people can move around easily, others require mobility devices. Some people can't see or hear and need assistance. Some people are positive every day, others struggle to get out of bed.

DAW provides an opportunity for us to think about respecting people of all abilities, taking the time to build relationships with them, and identifying ways to include them. A safe, friendly and vibrant community recognises that everyone has equal rights!

To celebrate people of all abilities, events and activities will be offered around Western Australia. We will be holding a few in the City of Melville too.

Do you have an event during Disability Awareness Week (DAW) that you would like to share with our community?

Disability Awareness Week Events

Drop a pin where you know a DAW is taking place and type in the details of the event. Click on the pin to read about each event.

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