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The draft Urban Forest Strategy: Part A was presented at the meeting of Council on Tuesday 16 May 2017 and approved for a public consultation phase.

Part A of the Urban Forest Strategic Plan was developed with significant input from an urban forest community reference group who had collectively defined that "the purpose of the urban forest is in providing a healthy and peaceful environment which nurtures the wellbeing of all natural and human communities to reside within it.”

The community was invited to view and provide feedback on the Draft Strategic Plan. While that period has now close, we welcome you to download the Draft Urban Forest Strategic Plan: Part A here

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Meet the Community Reference Group (CRG)

How people were selected for the CRG

To ensure that CRG membership included people who represent the interests of the community as a whole, we sent emails to a random sample of residents in each of the four neighbourhoods of the City, inviting them to put in an Expression of Interest to serve on a Community Reference Group.

Places were limited to individuals who best complied with the selection criteria, with 14 selected for the CRG.

Tasks for the group will include identifying the purpose of an urban forest, the priorities for action and how the community could play an active role in making the Strategy a reality at the local level.

Community Reference Group Reflections

After five productive meetings of the Urban Forest Community Reference Group, we asked the participants to tell us about their experiences working together on the Urban Forest strategy. View the videos below to hear what they had to say.

Frances D'Souza

Dr Joseph Fernandez

Zoe Atkinson

Jane Loveday

Emily Dawson

Teina Peters

Watch the video from the first CRG meeting

What you've said about the idea of an urban forest

You can tell us what the term "Urban Forest" means to you.

The Community Reference Group will consider and provide comment on community suggestions for creating an urban forest which could be included in the Strategy.

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