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The City’s Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan is under review and in February 2017 we asked the community their perception of crime and safety issues in Melville. Various types of engagement were used to inform the new Safer Melville Plan.

We hosted face to face interviews at Melville’s Safe Day Out event, an online survey, with an interactive map where participants could “pin” areas they felt unsafe and why.

This survey was emailed directly to a proportion of people on the City’s email database and promoted through the Melville Times social media posters and flyers.

166 online surveys, 16 face to face interviews, and 18 pins on the interactive map were received. The results were analysed by Shannon Renner and Dr Joe Clare of Murdoch University.

This data along with other information like crime statistics will now be used to develop the 2017–2021 Safer Melville Plan. For more information, visit

What You Told Us

You told us that you feel safe here and feel the City is a safe place to live, work and study, with CSS making you feel even safer

Residential burglary, theft, anti-social behaviour and road safety are top priorities you would like local authorities to focus on.

Places where you told us you felt unsafe