What's happening with the consultation?

Members of the Community Reference Group and project team staff met for the first time on 1 March 2017 and completed Phase 1 of the consultation on 29 March 2017 having identified the preferred location and style of park. Phase 2 is now underway with a draft concept plan being drawn up by the City's Landscape Architect.

Residents of the South-East Ward will be invited to participate in an online survey which asks participants to let us know what they think about it.

We will be sending letters to residents living within 400 metres of the selected park, inviting them to participate in the survey.

There will be advertisements in local news media, on the City’s Twitter and Facebook pages, and signage on site.

We will be sending direct emails to over 1000 residents of Leeming and Bull Creek who were originally randomly selected and invited to serve on a Community Reference Group (CRG) in February 2017.

31 people offered to serve on the CRG and 10 were finally selected to serve on the group based on representation by age range, equal distribution between the two suburbs and preparedness to attend all meetings and contribute to discussions on MelvilleTalks.

The draft concept plan is the outcome of their deliberations.

About the consultation

This project was developed in response to a petition from electors living in the south eastern ward of the City, so the target group for consultation is the residents and ratepayers in the suburbs of Leeming and Bull Creek.

There will be two phases of consultation.

Phase 1:

A random sample of people living in the suburbs of Bull Creek and Leeming will recieve an email inviting them to complete an Expression of Interest to serve on a Community Reference Group (CRG). Places will be limited to 10 people who fit the criteria for membership. A terms of reference for this group has been developed, which sets out the criteria for membership and the tasks members will need to complete.

"Let's talk about parks online" forum is open for the duration of the consultation process. Anyone who wants to say anything that could help create a place to be proud of can share their ideas here.

Phase 2:

The broader community living in the suburbs of Bull Creek and Leeming will have an opportunity to decide which of the options - refined by the CRG - are preferred. So watch this space!

CRG comments

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Lets talk about parks

Some ideas about play spaces


  • Timeline item 1

    Invitation to serve on CRG sent

    A random sample of Bull Creek and Leeming residents and ratepayers were sent direct email invitations to submit an Expression of Interest in serving on the CRG.

  • Timeline item 2

    CRG members selected to participate

    30 people put in an EOI to serve on the CRG. 10 were selected to ensure a balance in ages, gender and suburbs. The youngest members of the group were recruited following an approach to local schools.

  • Timeline item 3

    CRG meetings held

    1 - 29 March 2017

    The CRG will identify and select a location, type and style of park.

  • Timeline item 4

    Meet with current user groups

    Meeting with current user groups of the selected location for the park to consider their requirements.

  • Timeline item 5

    Draft Concept Plan created and reviewed by CRG

    Wednesday, 14 June 2017

  • Timeline item 6

    Phase 2 of consultation with the broader community

    Broad community consultation with residents of Bull Creek and Leeming begins

  • Timeline item 7

    Report to Council on outcomes of consultation

    15 August 2017

    Report to meeting of Council on outcomes of the consultation with the Draft Concept Plan for endorsement and recommendation to proceed to detailed design and costing.

  • Timeline item 8

    Project listed for consideration for 2018/19 budget

    November / December 2017

  • Timeline item 9

    Detailed design for Premiere Play Space

    July to October 2018

  • Timeline item 10

    Project construction listed for consideration

    December 2018

  • Timeline item 11

    Premiere Play Space construction commences