Cultural Services Strategic Plan 2017-2021

We are currently working to develop a new strategic plan.

We want the City of Melville to be a vibrant, liveable and optimistic place.

We already have fantastic cultural assets like our libraries, museums, galleries, open spaces, and dedicated community groups who nourish our love of art, craft, music, dance and creative expression of all kinds

Our current Cultural Vitality Plan has come to an end. So has our Future Plan for Libraries and Museums.

Now is the time to step back, see what’s changed, talk to lots of people, and then launch a new cultural plan that will guide our decision making for the next five years.

The plan will help us decide how best to use the resources we have, encourage the sharing of those resources, and prepare for the new Library and Cultural Centre that will open in 2021.

The WA government has recently released a cultural vision for the state.

It’s an exciting time to be in Melville because our vision can build on and speak to this important statewide cultural strategy.

Our cultural vision needs to be specific to our community, though.

That’s why we need your input and ideas.

We are asking our staff, community, partners and creatives to help build this vision in a series of Creative Conversations about Culture.

Share your bright ideas in our discussion forum and by completing the survey.