The City is beginning a process to plan the future of the Mount Pleasant Bowling Club site at 40 Bedford Road, Ardross when the Club moves to the new community hub at Tompkins Park in alignment with the City's Bowling Club Strategy.

Currently, the site belongs to the State Government and the City may have an option to purchase it when the Club moves to their new home. However, a good business case has to be established for that to happen and will need to have wide community support.

The idea is to create a new public park at 40 Bedford Road, which would be funded by a housing development on some of the site. Doing so would provide you with a new local park without adding to your council rates. The intent is that all revenue raised by a redevelopment will be used to fund new recreational and community infrastructure, such as:

  • a new public park on the site
  • local streetscape upgrades
  • upgrades to Shirley Strickland Reserve (only 600 metres away) and other public facilities

The park/housing concept is very general at the moment as this is only the first stage of the planning process and community engagement. There are no formal plans.

Extensive communication and consultation with the community will follow as the project unfolds.

Who is being consulted and how do I get involved?

There will be at least 2 stages of consultation with the community. As part of Stage 1, a letter has been sent to 1,219 residents and ratepayers within the area shown on the map below providing them with a link to an online survey to tell us what they would like to see happen at the site.

Alternatively, people may like to participate in the online forum on this page.

Joining the discussion forum

Asking questions from our urban planning team on 9364 0225

Alternatively, you may want to email your comments to or post them to Locked Bag 1, Booragoon, WA 6954

Make sure you take one of these options by 5pm Monday 13 March 2017.

Stage 2 will involve advertising the draft concept plans created from your feedback in Stage 1 and there will be another round of consultation later in 2017. Watch this space!

How can I find out more?


Contact the Strategic Urban Planning team on 08 9364 0225


To receive project updates by emailing

Discussion Forum

Feedback on Community Engagement Process